The Rural Transport Programme In Waterford

The RTP is a national initiative specifically aimed at people in rural areas who are excluded or may become excluded because transport is not available, accessible or affordable to them locally.

In May 2001 Waterford County Development Board established a Rural Transport Task Group with the two immediate objectives of acquiring pre-development funding under the Department of Transport funded Rural Transport Initiative to research the level of need for rural transport services in County Waterford and to develop structures and processes by which these needs could be properly addressed. The Group comprised a cross-section of Community, State and Local Development Agencies and operating under the administration of Waterford County Council.

Having identified the communities of greatest need, these areas were prioritised and surveyed to establish real needs and potential usage of any services. These surveys were analysed and the results used to determine the best possible solutions to local needs.

The key target groups are those with potentially the highest unmet travel needs;

  • The elderly
  • Young people
  • People with disabilities
  • People on low incomes
  • People on home duties
The plan initially was to establish a total of seven routes based in the north and west of the county as these were identified as areas of greater need, however in line with demand and with increased funding from the Department; we continue to increase the number and range of rural services.

As part of our ongoing development the initiative was established as a Company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Members of the task group became directors of the new company and all services now operate under the Local Link Waterford brand.

Within the Local Link Waterford Programme the provision of services is subcontracted to local transport operators and we provide door-to-door transport with a semi-flexible transport service, i.e. the service can divert off route if necessary to accommodate passengers' needs.

Local Link Waterford Bus Service - Rural Transport Programme Waterford
  Rural & community based public transport across County Waterford.
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